ME List Of Products Meat Industry

Product List Substance


Cellulose casing Cellulose casing
Fibrous casing Fibrous casing
Hog casing Natural hog casing
Sheep casing Natural sheep casing


Annatto 37-107-05 Annatto Colour
Caramel colour Caramel colour
Oeooresin paprika 50,000 Paprika colour
Oleoresin paprika 100,000 Paprika colour
Oleoresin paprika 20,000 Paprika colour


Aq.Frankfurter 917329 Frankfurter spice
Aquaresin Pizza spice Flavor and colour enhancer natural Spice extracts paprika
Bologna II Curing enhancer, flavor fillers and spices mix especially for Bologna II
Frankfurter II Curing enhancer, Flavor enhancer, and spice mix especially for Frankfurter
Muyow mixed Phospahte, spice and starch
Seasoning Mixed as required Seasoning
Spice extracts as required Spice extracts
Tarimix Knactwurst Knactwurst seansoning
Taroma chicken Chicken flavor
Taroma Ham Ham flavor
Taroma honey Honey flavor
Taroma pork Roasted pork flavor
Taroma pork 219 Roasted pork flavor combine with a soft onion taste
Tru* Smoke H&B  Natural Hardwood Smoke 
Tru*BBQ 1.0 Slightly less concentrated version 
Tru*BBQ 2.0 Dry Concentrated Charcoal BBQ grill 
Tru*BBQ 2.0  Charcoal BBQ grill 
Tru*BBQ B dry  Smoky BBQ with Charcoal 
Tru*Smoke 25 N Natural Hickory Smoke 
Tru*Smoke 25 OSN-7 Design for Ham and Bacon 
Tru*Smoke 25  Natural Hickory Smoke 
Tru*Smoke 45 P Concentrated Hardwood Smoke 
Tru*Smoke Amber  Browning Agent 
Tru*Smoke Applewood dry  Traditional Applewood Smoke 
Tru*Smoke AWM-01 Applewood Smoke liquid 
Tru*Smoke Beech 45 P  European Beech Smoke 
Tru*Smoke Beech 45 P+ Special European Smoke with brown color
Tru*Smoke Beech Dry Beech wood Smoke Dry
Tru*Smoke Beech oil  European Beech Smoke 
Tru*Smoke Cherry Wood  Sakura wood aroma 
Tru*Smoke Dry Hardwood Smoke Dry 
Tru*Smoke Mesquite dry Mesquite Wood dry 
Tru*Smoke Mesquite oil  Mesquite Wood Smoke 
Tru*Smoke Oak 45 American Oak whiskey 
Tru*Smoke oil Hardwood traditional Smoke 
Tru*Smoke PYA  Natural Hardwood Smoke with Cheese 
Wiener II Curing enhancer, Flavor enhancer, fillers and spices especially for Wiener
Yeast extracts KAV Yeast extract


Bologna I Polyphosphate, salt, containing nitrite
Brifisol 512 Tri and Polyphosphate
Fibrisol 417 Phosphates Mixed
Frankfurter I Polyphosphate, salt, nitrite and milk protein
KR 80 Polyphosphate, nitrite and protein
Phos K Phosphates Mixed
P-Plus Phosphates Mixed
Super N Polyphosphates Contains nitrite and protein
Tari Combi K Phosphates Mixed
Tari Complet K3 Polyphosphate Contains nitrite and protein
Tari Complet K8 Polyphosphate Contains nitrite and protein
Tari Complet P27 Polyphosphate Contains nitrite and protein
Tari Complet P80N Phosphate curing Colour enhancer Contains nitrite
Tari K7 Phosphates Mixed
Wiener I Polyphosphate, salt, nitrite and milk protein


Calcium Propionate Calcium Propionate
Sodium benzoate Sodium benzoate


L-LAC FG 80 Lactic Acid 80%
S-LAC FG 60 Sodium Lactate 60%
Sodium Erythorbate Colour stabilizer
Tari colpur 40S Colour stabilizer
Tari colpur 43 Express colour stabilizer
Tari L96 Food acid
Tranglutaminase (TG) MTFI » Tranglutaminase (TG)


40% Demineralized whey powder Demineralized whey powder
FCMP Full Cream Milk powder
Hampro Milk protein derivative
Sodium Caseinate HV Sodium caseinate
Soy Protein isolate Isolate Soy Protein
Wheat gluten Protein from wheat
Whey Protein Concentrate 80 Whey Protein Concentrate 80


Amodain A Selected wheat starch
Amylon Selected wheat starch
Digel A9 Modified starch
Modified starch Type A Modified tapioca starch
Potato starch Potato starch
Sodium Erythrobate Sodium Erythrobate
Wheat starch Wheat starch