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Vicchi Enterprise Co.,Ltd was established in 2004 performing as food ingredient business importer with more than 30 years of experience in food industry. Being formed as the integrated service provider, Vicchi concentrated in not only supplying ingredients, but also sharing technical know-how with customers. Vicchi has intentionally committed to developing, improving and maximizing customer's needs under key success factors of "Productivity, Colourful & Trust"

Vicchi Enterprise


» Ultimately the key to succeed : We help customers become the most efficient business organization : improve product quality, increase volume and reduce cost.


» Innovation: We help customer become outstanding Business Organization ; variety products, a mixture of modernization and traditional technology and a complete range of product categories.


» Business Reliability: We greatly emphasizes on business reliability. Trust conceptually builds up not only the confidence but also strength. Trust plays the great role both in Micro and Macro commitment. We apart from are the competent leader to customer's complete and absolute business solutions we also are.

Our Mission

Through plenty of business opportunity in the market, Vicchi is not only the leader in food ingredient segment; Vicchi is also the creator of new categories of all kinds of food industries markets in Thailand.

Vicchi advises, improves and develops effectiveness and efficiency via our capable network to help customers achieve business target. With the export teams in technical service, laboratory, product & markets as well as merchandising and warehousing and our worldwide suppliers, Vicchi is ready to provide full package of supportive activities and better service for customers.

We also really realize that the customer's success means our success too.

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